4 Pics 1 Song: Enjoyable Fun | Answers & Cheats

4 Pics 1 Song is the newest trivia game that has been topping the charts for the most downloaded app for Android phones and tablets. The latest from game developer Game Circus LLC, this trivia game appears to be very similar to the highly popular game 4 Pics 1 Word. While some people may disregard the new app as a kind of a cheap spin-off, it is actually quite addicting and very entertaining in its own right.

Songs for Pics

The main difference between this latest app and the more popular 4 Pics 1 Word is that instead of just any word or phrase, the player has to guess the title of a song. Four pictures provide clues as to what the title may be, and there is also a set of jumbled letters for you to guess the answer. It is no surprise that many people who love listening to music have been lured in by the idea of having to guess the title of a song. With the millions of people all over the world who love music, the game has been able to gain thousands of satisfied customers even though it is still relatively new.

Music from All Eras

While there are a number of apps for Android phones and tablets that allow players to guess the titles of different songs, this game is different because it caters to music fans of all ages. Most games that involve music involve only contemporary songs and performers. You have to be updated to be able to answer the questions; otherwise, you end up making guesses that you have no idea about. Unlike these games, 4 Pics 1 Song features songs that come from different eras. There are songs that are part of the latest pop culture, songs from the 70’s and all the other ages, and songs from all genres as well. While most other games also play a sample portion of the song, this latest song from Game Circus LLC is quite easier in the sense that it makes use of pictures that give clues about the title of the song. Even if the players are not familiar with the songs themselves, they can make a more knowledgeable guess because of the pictures that are provided. Also, games that play certain parts of a song only provide a small amount of time during which the player can provide their answers. With the 4 Pics 1 Song app, a player has all the time he or she needs to get the correct answer.

Guessing Game

Another aspect of this guessing game that makes it easier and more interesting to play is because of the letters that are provided as clues as well. A player can find the answer by using the set of letters that are provided. Some of the letters are part of the answer while the others are there as a form of distraction. These letters make the game more than just a music game, and therefore it is able to reach out to a broader audience. Players can use both the pictures and the letters to come up with the answer. Of course, like other trivia or guessing games available, this game is also quite easy at the beginning, but it is sure to become harder as you progress through the levels.

Free Cheats Available

Some of the levels are quite easy to solve. If the pictures did not give away the answers, then you may try to jumble the letters in every way possible to try and make sense of them. However, there are really some levels where guessing and your personal knowledge are not enough. In cases like these, a typical course of action would be to ask your friends and let them in on the game. This makes the game even more fun because you get to enjoy it with the people that are closest to you. However, if you find yourselves all stumped and having no ideas in mind, you will eventually be led to search for the answers online. True enough, there are cheats and answers available online. Most of these answers are also arranged depending on the level of the game they are in, so it is quite easy to find the answer. These cheats, the pictures and letters, guessing the song, and playing it with your friends, all make 4 Pics 1 Song a very enjoyable app to have.

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